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Points are what you earn when you become a member of's Club Dog.

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So, what is Club Dog?
It's a fun and simple virtual dog club. Join Club Dog and earn points just by having fun on our site. Collect points and redeem them for some great rewards like fun products or valuable discounts from our partners.

Many of the features on our site will automatically award you with points when you use them. You'll earn points by visiting often, playing games, taking quizzes, building your dog's personal Web page, joining our dog-owner survey panel, recommending our site to your friends, and more! The more you explore, the more points you earn.

Club Dog Blogs
Have fun meeting and socializing with other Club Dog members and their dogs.
We think you'll find our quizzes fun and educational. Who knows, you might just become a  Quiz Master - your friends and family will always know who's who in the pet trivia world when they stop by your web page.
Dog Videos
Watch and share your own dog videos any time you want! You'll earn 1,000 points just for sharing your videos.
Club Dog Rewards
Here's how a true dog lover shops! Earn points and redeem them for products - just doing fun
activities on the How easy is that?

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