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The Cockapoo inherited from the Poodle its extraordinary intelligence and its nonshedding coat. Happily, there is very little dander, which is the main culprit in causing peoples allergies to dogs. From the Cocker comes a sweet and patient nature, a calm and mellow disposition, a natural affinity for children and a sturdy build. This type of crossbreeding usually results in hybrid vigor in which the best qualities of each breed are manifested in the offspring. The former statement presupposes that breeders are using only high-quality Cockers and Poodles with the soundest dispositions and clear health/genetic testing. Crossbreeding also creates a wider genetic pool and lessens the likelihood of the more prominent defects of each breed being reproduced. This, however, does not apply to genetic defects common to both breeds. Continued outcrossing (breeding unrelated pairs) enlarges the gene pool even further.

The personality of the Cockapoo is unparalleled in its affection for people. Cockapoos are loyal, open and friendly. They are most receptive to young people and highly regarded for being extremely tolerant of childrens clumsy handing. Cockapoos generally are non-destructive around the house and clean. They are eager to please and therefore easily trained. Health-wise, they can hardly be beat as they remain vigorous and active for most of their years; some dogs live to be 15 to 22 years of age.


About Cockapoo: Pub date February 2006; hardcover; $14.95; 6 ½ x 8 ½; 128 pages; full-color photographs; ISBN 1-593785-91-7, by Mary D. Foley

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Van   Largo, Florida

1/18/2014 8:34:40 AM

I have a cockapoo that was a rescue, and is between 7 & 8 years old. He loves eveyrbody and every dog. Very smart and playfull. He know's i usually get up at 4 am, and if I'm not up by 4:30 he jumps up and wakes me up to play with him. I have had dogs most of my life (I'm over 80 now) and I must say he's probably to greatest dog I have ever had.

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Sandra   Max Meadows, Virginia

11/17/2013 6:18:45 AM

I love my Cockapoo Peaches...She is wonderful, playful, loves everyone...Very alert to noises that are not normal and also very attuned to me and my Dad.. When my Dad was ill, she would listen for him and if she thought he needed me, she would be up and headed for him...Has never been destructive or mean....Can't say enough about the breed, just make sure of the genetics of the parents.....Highly Recommend Cockapoos for anyone wanting a gentle, loving and clean living dog!

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Aggie   Arverne, NY

1/31/2012 9:58:41 AM

I have a cockapoo name JoJo and he is a year old. I received him when he was 9 mths old and I love him dearly. JoJo is sweet and cute, but he can be the dog from hell, he loves the trash, socks, shoes, makeup (which he has eaten), school books, and loves to fight his brother Lil step (my mixed Terrier). He is not always friendly to others, but he loves children, he is so full of energy and loves to fight other dogs. The one thing I really love about him is that he is an alert dog, his hearing is so good, he knows when someone is near, even if they are 3 floors below us. I love him and wish I knew what to do about his bad habits.

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cheryl   milwaukee, WI

1/3/2011 8:23:37 PM

i have a cockapoo, named Allie. she is a very tight wired apricot coloring. she is 11 years old and she loves people, and loves to go for long walks if its not cold outside. And doesn't like salt. If its cold outside she will sit on her hind legs then puts her front paws like a rabbit, then I just carry her home. they make wonderful pets!!!!

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