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Can judging for type serve working dogs?

By | Posted: Fri May 13 00:00:00 PDT 2005

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What follows are my interpretation of the demands of the standard, followed by extracts from Conard's paper that reveal his attempts to determine what in fact are the characteristics of the ideal working Anatolian.


Breed Character
RGB: A large but not massive dog (dogs, 110-150 pounds, bitches 80-120 pounds) with good bone and musculature for his size. General balance more important than absolute size. Of a calm and steadfast demeanor, but obviously owner of the ground he stands on. Generally reserved in attitude but obviously capable of springing into action and taking on the most formidable of foes. Animation and responding to baiting or attention-getting devises are not typical of the breed, and over-handling is to be discouraged.

EC: Working Anatolians must be agile, fast, athletic and strong, and should possess superior stamina. Their genetic development was shaped by the working environment in which they lived. They are a breed that can work under arduous conditions, including extreme temperatures without much food and water. Selection should only be for those traits that enhance their ability to perform flock guardian duties under the harsh conditions in which the breed developed.

While many people seem to believe the increase in average size (of the breed) is a good thing, our smaller early dogs, not many generations from Turkey, were excellent working dogs with an excellent combination of strength and agility. My first male Anatolian weighed 115 pounds. He was a terrific working male who faced a heavy coyote and wild pig population daily and handled his job easily, never losing an animal under his care.

The best working Anatolians are a physical compromise between agility and strength; they are an emotional compromise between sweetness and ferocity. Each conflicting concept exists at its maximum level without interfering with the other... Working temperament provides behavioral inhibitions that are required to safely coexist with an animal possessing the Anatolian's incredible speed, power, and ferocity.

RGB: Rectangular in outlineslightly longer than tall. Care must be taken to avoid the drift toward the breed's Sighthound influence on the one end and Mastiff on the other. The correct Anatolian stands midpoint between the two. Arched, powerful neck made more impressive by a more abundant skin and fur in that area. Powerful topline dropping gently behind withers with a gradual arch over the loin sloping slightly downward at the croup (an elongated or "lazy s" from withers to tail), The tail is set on high and when alert carried high forming a wheel. When relaxed, the tail is carried low with end curled upwards.

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