7 Fun Activities for Dogs

Mixed breeds and other non-registered dogs can compete and earn titles in a variety of sports.


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Freestyle Obedience
While you dance, does your dog dance along? The two of you can dance to the beat of a different drummer with freestyle obedience, sometimes called dancing with dogs. Routines are set to the music of your choice, and use fun dance moves, as well as traditional obedience moves. Freestyle offers the flexibility to find the perfect moves that complement both handler and dog.


Freestyle is great for dogs that love to be challenged with new ways to think and enjoy working closely with their owners. The World Canine Freestyle Organization (WCFO) and the Canine Freestyle Federation (CFF) both welcome dogs of all breeds and mixes.  

Mixed Breeds Do it All
Those too-short legs might help your dog run agility courses faster. The too-long nose might aid your dog in tracking activities. No matter what your dogs heritage, channel that abundant energy into an activity and watch it shine!

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Quincy   Riverveiw, FL

8/30/2012 2:53:58 PM

my dog loves agility. he is a dashund and poodle mix. Any dog can do it, i have a friend who has a teacup chihuaua and she loves it.

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katie   taylor, MI

2/27/2010 7:10:15 PM

sounds fun!

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

10/30/2009 4:41:03 PM


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Garrett   St. Ann, MO

5/29/2009 7:43:12 AM

My dog is old, blind, and arthritic. Can you please send me some ways (using the e-mail address provided) I can have fun with her?

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