Learning the Dog Show Ropes

Judges' advice on dog shows, from start to finishing.


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Martorella concludes with one final bit of advice: Win or lose, don't pack up and go home after your breed. Stay around, observe some other judging, and get to know the dog people. We are all a very competitive bunch; however, most of us admit that, when one of us is in need, we can be the best family you could ever have.


Edd Bivin of Ft. Worth, Texas, who is approved to judge five Groups and Best in Show, has been judging for 44 years. He showed his own dogs, starting with Pomeranians. His encouragement includes the following:

Understandably, many new people are overly nervous and even frightened when they come in the ring, he says. One of the things I frequently say to people who tell me this is their first time in the ring is, Look around! Everyone here came to a dog show for the first time at some point, and for many of us, that was many, many years ago. That seems to put them at ease. And I tell them to have fun, to enjoy the sport of purebred dogs, and that its a wonderful place to be.

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Judy   Lubbock, TX

1/27/2011 11:48:14 AM

Both of the judges quoted in this article have been judges at our local dog show here in Lubbock, Texas. I have visited with both of them as an officer in our local kennel club & as an exhibitor and have gotten much invaluable advice from both of them. This was a very good article indeed!

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Trish   Seaside Park, NJ

11/25/2009 12:59:12 PM

My sub started when this series was almost done. Can I get it online or a reprint of the earlier articles?

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