Dog Sports

Mixed Breed Dog Events

Your guide to organizations that offer mixed breeds a competitive challenge.

7 Fun Activities for Dogs

Mixed breeds and other non-registered dogs can compete and earn titles in a variety of sports.

Heavy Duty!

Weight-pulling dogs compete in Oceanside, Calif.

Dog Frisbee Fun

Got a Frisbee-crazy dog? Try the exciting sport of flying disc.

Dog Heatstroke Survival Guide

Know how to treat and prevent this dangerous condition.


The Agility Dog’s Dictionary

Learn the names of basic agility moves and decode popular terms used in dog agility competitions.

Dog Agility Obstacle Glossary

A slide show introduction to the 10 most popular obstacles at agility competitions.

A Smokin’ Dock-Jumping Dog

Melissa Ness, the owner and trainer of Smoke, the No. 1 dock-jumping dog, talks about her journey through the world of dog sports.

Lure Coursing With Any Dog Breed

Coursing events are typically for sighthounds, but a few groups offer this exhilarating sport for all dogs.

Stretching Exercises for Your Dog

Regular stretching keeps your performance dog conditioned and ready to work or compete.


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