Exercise With Your Dog

Dog Park Etiquette

What you need to know about good manners and your dog’s well-being.

The Dog’s Nose Knows

You won’t believe what these working dogs can smell.

Make Your Own Doggie Welcome Sign

DogChannel shows you how to make a dog-themed sign to welcome the world to your "doghouse."

Make Your Own Dog Stamps

DogChannel shows you how to make easy dog-themed stamps to decorate picture frames, gift wrap and more.

Close Encounters With a Police Dog

At Adlerhorst Intl. Police K-9 Academy, Dog World’s managing editor experiences life inside a bite suit.


Canine Stretch and Massage

Regular conditioning can help prevent injuries in your performance dog.

Welcome to DogTown USA® 2009

Make your city dog-friendly, plus the surprising results of our fifth DogTown USA contest.

Lure Coursing With Any Dog Breed

Coursing events are typically for sighthounds, but a few groups offer this exhilarating sport for all dogs.

Stretching Exercises for Your Dog

Regular stretching keeps your performance dog conditioned and ready to work or compete.

One Dog Camper’s Story

A dog-camp veteran shares her and Beagle Toby’s experiences at Camp Gone to the Dogs.


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