Dog Games

Novice Judges: Test Your Mettle

We know you know a lot about dogs, but what about judging conformation in the ring? Find out with this quiz written by renowned judge, Jeffrey G. Pepper.

Play Training Your Dog for Agility

Try these five games to get your dog excited about agility!

Rising to the Challenge in Agility

Agility training Beagles

Small but Mighty Agility Dogs

Although short in stature, diminutive agility dogs pack a punch.

Stop! In the name of control

In agility, do running contacts hurt or harm your dog's chances of winning?


The ABCs of Dog Agility Associations

Don’t get lost in the alphabet soup. Here are North America’s agility associations and the titles they offer.

Troubleshooting in Dog Agility

Reinforcement is the key to consistent success.

Snow Fun for Dogs

Dogs have fun playing in the snow.

Noteworthy Music for Dogs

Dogs have a specific taste in music. Play it again, Sam!

Train Your Dog with Food Treats

Teach your dog to Sit and Stay when you open the door.


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