Dog Adoption

Get all the information and plan accordingly before adopting a dog.

Rescue Dogs "Charm" Celebrities

Helmut Lang and WagAware, creators of a charm to promote dog rescue, joined forces for a private shopping event to raise funds for Wags and Walks rescue shelter.

In Defense of the Word "Mutt”

According to the ASPCA’s statistics, 25% percent of dogs that end up in shelters are purebred. That leaves 75% percent of shelter cages filled with whoosiewhatsits and oopsiedoopsies. Mutts.

Halo Pops up in New York City

Halo Pets takes over a corner store in Midtown Manhattan to encourage people to "pop in and do good.”

A First-Rate Tale of Second Chances

Lying in her kennel, Jasmine was a mess, but lucky for her someone saw a special spark.


Leo Grillo: A Life Built on Saving Lives

On 115 acres of rolling hills near Los Angeles sits D.E.L.T.A. Rescue, an enormous animal sanctuary unlike any other, home to more than 1,500 dogs, cats and other animals

Adoptions at Mall-based Stores Expand

A new concept in pet adoption brings rescued dogs and cats to a store located in an upscale mall in the Los Angeles area.

Houston Dog Eescue Shields Vulnerable Puppies

It’s been said that there is nothing stronger than a mother’s love. Even in the dog world, this truth holds fast. And yet, even a mother’s love can’t always save her puppies from a tragic end on the cruel streets or in dangerous circumstances.

Social Media Fuels Animal Shelter’s Outreach

Social media — it’s gone to the dogs. Literally. The Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center in Pittsburgh can attest to that.

Senior Dogs are Golden at Muttville

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco gives senior dogs a golden opportunity for a second chance.


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