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I-5 Publishing, LLC is the world's largest publisher of pet magazines and websites, including DOG FANCY, Dogs in Review, Natural Dog, Dogs USA and Puppies USA magazines. These are the most widely read dog magazines in the world. Each month our magazines feature expert coverage of dog subjects and issues, information and entertainment. New and experienced dog owners rely on us for information about cutting-edge medical developments, health and fitness (with a focus on prevention, treatment, and natural therapy), behavior and training, travel and activities, breed profiles and dog news, issues and trends. DogChannel is the online presence of these award-winning magazines, with tens of  thousands of pages of editorial content and more than 100,000 Club Dog members.

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Dog Magazines & Subscriptions

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Dog Fancy

Dog Fancy

DOG FANCY® celebrates dogs and the people who love them. Packed with information on dog breeds, health, training and natural care

Dog World

Dog World

Dog World® is an award-winning publication aimed at breeders, exhibitors, groomers, and competitors in all canine disciplines.

Dog for Kids

Dogs For Kids

Dogs for Kids® is a magazine devoted to education and entertainment of kids and preteens who care for and enjoy purebred and mixed-breed dogs.  



Dogs in Review

Dogs In Review

Written for the discerning show dog professional, Dogs in Review® covers the sport of conformation dog showing from a unique perspective.

Dogs USA

Dogs USA

The Dogs USA® fall annual is the complete guide to choosing, raising and caring for a puppy. It serves as a comprehensive resource throughout a dog's lifetime.

Puppies 101

Puppies 101

The Puppies 101® yearly spring annual is an easy-to-read, fun guide to adopting or buying a new puppy. A comprehensive resource for your dog's first year.

Natural Dogs

Natural Dog

The Natural Dog® annual is a fun, informative guide for ownwers who want healthier, greener lifestyles for their dog. Expert advice on natural nutrition, grooming, pest management, healthcare and more.

Popular Dogs

Popular Dogs™ Series

Popular Dogs® is a series of breed-specific magabooks (books in magazine format) that inform and instruct about the care necessary to properly raise your favorite breed.

Dog Books 

Browse through dog books about dog breeds, dog health, natural dog care, dog training, dog behaviors and more.

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