American Pit Bull Terrier Weight Pulling

Weight pulling exercises keep American Pit Bull Terriers at peak condition but is not a popular activity among many owners.

American Pit Bull Terrier Weight PullingWhen the dog finally pulls the empty cart in order to come to you, act excited and praise the dog profusely. Try the pull again and again. Use no weights on the first day of pulling unless the dog is very obviously enjoying himself, which some dogs do. As the dog becomes familiar with the routine, begin to add weight to the cart. Start off with light weights and, when the dog has learned to pull these with enthusiasm, begin an actual training routine.

A training routine can be easily devised. An example of such a routine follows; you can adapt it according to your personal schedule and situation.

Work out a weekly schedule and stick to it. On one day, load the cart with as much weight as the dog can pull 8 or even 10 times over a distance of roughly 5 yards. Encourage the dog to pull the weight for the amount of repetitions you have decided on (we’ll use 8 as an example). The dog should be allowed to rest for about a minute between each repetition. When this has been accomplished, allow the dog to rest for three minutes, increase the weight to whatever the dog can pull for six repetitions and follow the procedure above.

When this has been accomplished, increase the weight again to whatever the dog can pull for four repetitions. When this has been accomplished, allow the dog to rest for three minutes. Finally, encourage the dog to pull as much weight as he can pull twice. This should be the heaviest weight pulled that day.

On the second day, rest the dog. On the third day, follow the routine for the first day. On the fourth and fifth days, allow the dog to rest. On the sixth day, begin the dog with the weight he can pull for six repetitions and follow the schedule as you have been. When the dog has made his final two pulls, increase the weight and encourage the dog to pull a maximum weight one time only. If the dog can pull that maximum weight twice, all weights should be increased. On the seventh day, rest. Each day you should give the dog a brisk one-mile walk before and after the pulling session.

That should get you and your dog started. Remember, just as with any strenuous exercise you may do yourself, after the first day or two of a new exercise, muscles will be sore. Allow for some extra rest time in the beginning. Also, should you find that your dog simply doesn’t enjoy weight pulling, forget it and concentrate on one of the other forms of exercise that he does enjoy. Again, it should be reiterated that weight pulling is not what this breed was originally intended for and, as such, your Pit Bull may just not take to it.

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