Basset Hound Dog Information

Find Basset Hound information before you adopt your next dog.

Basset Hounds Pile out of Tiny Dog House

Everyone loves that circus trick where clowns push their way out of a tiny car in a never ending parade. Well we've found something better.

MUTTerings With Nikki Moustaki: The Most Photogenic Dogs

Whether or not they are the breed you share your home with, there is something to be said about these picture-perfect pups. See Nikki's top 10 picks for the most photogenic dog breeds.

Hound Dog Breeds

Dog breeds in the Hound Group are used for recreational hunting, performance competition, therapy work, police and customs-inspection work, and, of course, as pets.

Nutrition for the Best Basset Hound

Balanced nutrition and portion control can help your food-loving Basset battle the bulge.

Popular Dogs: Basset Hounds

Get to know life with a Basset Hound.


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