Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information

Find Cocker Spaniel Dog breed information before you adopt a dog.

"Underwater Dogs" Splash into Book Stores

See pictures of dogs underwater from photographer Seth Casteel and his book "Underwater Dogs."

The Best Dog Breed: Airedale Terrier or Cocker Spaniel?

Read about these two dog experts’ opinions on the best dog breed – the Airedale Terrier and the Cocker Spaniel - in this 1923 Dog World article.

A Review of Cocker Spaniels Bred at the Blackstone Kennels in Chicago

Check out this in-person account of the Cocker Spaniel dog breed show dogs in 1916.

All About Gun Dog Breeds

Active and affectionate, the dogs in the gun dog group make wonderful companion pets.

Cocker Spaniel Joins Royal Family

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcome an adorable Cocker Spaniel puppy named Lupo into their family.


"Lady and The Tramp" Is Back

Walt Disney Studios adds Lady and the Tramp to their Blu-ray Diamond Collection.

Cocker Spaniel Colors

AKC’s breed standard allows black Cockers with a bit of white on the chest or throat.

Telling Cocker Spaniels Apart

American and English Cocker Spaniels are different in size, head, coat, and coloring.

Correctly Grooming a Cocker Spaniel

As long as the dog is not harmed, whatever trim an owner prefers is the right one.

How to Groom a Cocker Spaniel

Tips to correctly groom a Cocker Spaniel at home.


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