Coton de Tulear Dog Information

Find Coton de Tulear dog information before you adopt a dog.

Westminster 2015 Welcomes Two New Breeds

The Coton de Tulear and the Wirehaired Vizsla, will compete in this year's show for the first time.

National Dog Show Thanksgiving Day

A dog event to be the Thankful for! This year's show introduces two new breeds.

Two New Dog Breeds Get the AKC Recognition They’ve Been Waiting For

Whether you are a dog show regular or just like to watch them on TV, you can expect to see two new adorable faces in the ring this June.

AKC Welcomes New Dog Breeds

The Russell Terrier gains full AKC recognition while three other breeds move into the Miscellaneous Class.

Brushing a Coton de Tulear

A wire brush is the perfect tool for this silky breed.


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