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Gentle, positive, reward-based training will help your intelligent Collie catch on fast to whatever you want it to do. In fact, Collies catch on so fast that endless drilling while training can be counterproductive. Collies will shut down if forced to keep repeating the same exercise. – September B. Morn, a professional dog trainer (from Popular Dogs: Collies)

Twice a year, most Collies will shed their undercoats. Breeders call this “blowing the coat,” and although the timetable is usually spring or autumn, females can also drop their coats after coming into season or whelping. The lightweight undercoat loosens and works its way to the surface. Without brushing, this hair can become entangled in the outer coat and cause matting. The shedding coat can also attract and snag burrs, leaves, dirt and debris, so thorough brushing during these times is crucial. – Diana Mohler, a former grooming shop owner (from Popular Dogs: Collies

“A Collie puppy should be friendly and happy in disposition. It should play with its littermates, and be responsive to a person’s voice, especially the breeder’s. It should not object to being picked up or restrained. Most of all, it should be interested in you and ask for your attention. It should be willing to follow you with a little coaxing.” – Mary Jane Anerson, a Collie breeder in Lebanon, Indiana (from Popular Dogs: Collies

Obesity is the most common canine nutrition-related health problem. It can increase your Collie’s chances of developing diabetes, liver disease and pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). It can also aggravate pre-existing joint problems, such as hip dysplasia. Excessive weight can over work your Collie’s heart and hinder breathing, plus exercise is more difficult for obese dogs, which increases the likelihood of continued weight problems. – Karla S. Rugh, veterinarian in Rocheport, MO. (from Popular Dogs: Collies)


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