English Springer Spaniel Expert Advice

It’s not necessary to use harsh techniques in order to train [your dog]. In fact, the use of force can result in unwanted side effects, including aggression. It’s possible to train your English Springer by consistently rewarding desirable behaviors, using management to prevent your ESS from being rewarded for undesirable behaviors, and taking away something good as a consequence for an undesirable behavior – a concept called negative punishment. – Pat Miller, a certified pet dog trainer (from Popular Dogs: English Springer Spaniels)

Dental care is especially important with English Springers because the folds around the bottom of their lips keep moisture in and create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Breeders affectionately refer to this as “Springer rot.” Brushing an English Springer’s teeth helps remove the bacteria that builds up. – Mary-Frances Makichen, dog writer and breeder (from Popular Dogs: English Springer Spaniels)

“Because of [the English Springer Spaniel’s] incredible intelligence, it takes someone smarter than they are to lay the foundation for a successful relationship. If you don’t want to make the ground rules clear in the beginning, they may decide to challenge and question authority. With proper socialization and early training, this breed should be the perfect companion and family pet.” – Monica Bowers, an English Springer Spaniel breeder from DeWitt, Michigan (from Popular Dogs: English Springer Spaniels)

Obesity – the most common nutrition-related health problem in English Springers – can lead to the development or worsening of serious diseases, such as diabetes, liver disease and pancreatits (inflammation of the pancreas). It can also aggravate preexisting joint problems, such as hip dysplasia. Excessive weight can overwork the heart and hinder breathing.  – Karla S. Rugh, veterinarian in Rocheport, MO. (from Popular Dogs: English Springer Spaniels)


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Deda   manchester uk, MS

9/9/2010 7:45:28 AM

my new ess pup (8wks)loves to play with toys chasing and biting them often growling .She however continues this hard play with me and tries to bite me .I say no and walk away however I am not too sure whether this is aggression or a naivity ion my pup.When i say no and leave the area on my return to her some time later she seems to know and remains gentle however she soon begins again.is this common? and what is it in a pup so young? Is this deliberate agression or her not being able to differentiate? Does anyone have a similar problem?

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Barbara   Chicago Suburb, IL

9/12/2007 9:42:50 AM

also you can look up the UK ESS website at http://www.englishspringer.org/

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Barbara   Chicago Suburb, IL

9/7/2007 12:35:51 PM

Check out the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association (ESSFTA) for the best Springer information http://www.essfta.org/

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Barbara   Chicago Suburb, IL

8/14/2007 9:50:56 PM

Really disappointed with the advise! I have owned springers since 1980.

Ear care #1!

Training never use any "harsh" training with any

I know Monica Bowers and I cannot believe she would say something like that about the breed!

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