DNA and Breed I.D.

Advances in DNA testing illuminate the world of dogs.

By | Posted: Fri Oct 1 00:00:00 PDT 2004

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An area in which the implications may be mixed is that of breed identification for dogs in which breed-specific legislation is involved. Owners could use DNA to prove their dog is not a member of a target breed. However, outside entities might also use DNA to prove a dog was in fact a member of a target breed.

Evolutionary findings may prove troublesome to breeds targeted for breed-specific legislation, as it could conceivably be argued that progenitor breeds are "wolf-like." However, the fact that breeds such as the Pekingese are in this progenitor group, and that they are not exactly considered a menace to society, should help in any debate based on DNA sharing with wolves.

The complete report, "Genetic Structure of the Purebred Domestic Dog," originally appeared in the journal Science, and can be accessed through the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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Theresa   La Porte, IN

4/16/2010 2:35:36 PM

The article was interesting. Many dog owners of mixed breeds wonder what exactly which breeds make up their dog. But there are a number of other ways to use the research of dog pedigrees. I'm for anything that helps us improve dog-owner relationships and dog health.

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Marty   Gerrardstown, WV

6/15/2008 1:55:12 PM

We had our mixed breed dog's DNA analyzed by two companies, and the results were markedly different. This has led me to be suspicious of the accuracy of such tests.

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Robin   Surpise, AZ

8/26/2007 4:36:01 PM

It's amazing to me that in this day of technology there is not a way for me to find out what (breed's) my dog is. We adopted her and she is a mix, but we are constantly trying to figure out what different breeds she is. People are always asking us what kind of dog is she? It just seems disrespectful of her to say "We don't know, she's a mixed breed. My husband and I are mixed breeds too, but atleast we know what those breeds are.

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