Finnish Lapphund Dog Information

Read Finnish Lapphund dog articles and find more information about this dog breed.

Finnish Lapphund Health Problem Information

Though the Finnish Lapphund is generally a healthy dog breed, there are a few health problems commonly seen within this dog breed.

Should I Get a Finnish Lapphund Dog?

Are you thinking about getting a Finnish Lapphund dog? Read all about the Finnish Lapphund to decide if this dog breed is right for you and your family.

How Trainable is the Finnish Lapphund Dog?

Discover how the Finnish Lapphund’s intelligence and eagerness to please makes this dog breed easy to train.

All About Northern Breed Dogs

Active and independent, these dog breeds, such as the Chow Chow, Akita, Husky, Malamute and Keeshond, need dog-experienced owners , training and fenced yards.

Westminster Dog Show Fun Facts

Check out our Westminster fun facts and wow everyone with your knowledge of Westminster Dog Show trivia.


Six New Dog Breeds to Debut at Westminster 2012

The Cesky Terrier, American English Coonhound and four others compete for the first time at the Westminster Kennel Club show this year.


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