Beagle Dog Breed Information

Find Beagle dog information before you adopt your next dog.

Top Dog Breeds of 2011 Include Beagles and Large Breeds

The Labrador Retriever holds on to top spot as the Beagle and the Golden Retriever move up the list of popular dog breeds.

Dog's Separation Anxiety Leads to Destruction

A Beagle's separation anxiety turns into destructive behavior. Learn how to help your dog and save your furniture!

About the Beagle

This small, English hound, used to hunt rabbit and hare was made famous by the daring and loveable “Snoopy.” While real Beagle’s don’t fly planes, they do enjoy adventure. Beagles require regular exercise and should be leashed or confined to a securely fenced yard so that it’s nose doesn’t lead them into trouble! More>>

Beagling Video Showcase

Check out a roundup of the Web's best clips of beagling events.

One in a Million

Similar breeds sweeping Hound Group judging leaves one spectator stunned.


Beagle Lineage and Origins

Learn the origins of the beagle and how it has come to be the dog you know today.

History of the Beagle

Learn about the beagle's history and how the beagle dog breed came into existence.

Westminster: Behind the Scenes

Follow three top dogs as they compete at one of the world's most prestigious dog shows.

Beagle Mania

House pet or hunter, the congenial Beagle remains a family favorite.

Mixed Breed Wins Online Dog Show

Tillie takes Best in Show on Dog Show USA.


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