Beagle Dog Breed Information

Find Beagle dog information before you adopt your next dog.

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Beagle Lineage and Origins

Learn the origins of the beagle and how it has come to be the dog you know today.

History of the Beagle

Learn about the beagle's history and how the beagle dog breed came into existence.

Westminster: Behind the Scenes

Follow three top dogs as they compete at one of the world's most prestigious dog shows.

Beagle Mania

House pet or hunter, the congenial Beagle remains a family favorite.

Mixed Breed Wins Online Dog Show

Tillie takes Best in Show on Dog Show USA.


Beagle Overview

Is a Beagle right for you?

Are You a Beagle Person?

Is the Beagle Breed for you?

Games for the Beagle Puppy

Games that are not only fun but educational too.

Beagle Training Overview

Quick tips on training your Beagle.

Training the Beagle Puppy

Getting your puppy off to a good start is the path to good socialization.


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