Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed Information

Learn about the Standard Schnauzer dog breed.

Guardian Dogs: Right Dog For You?

Not for the novice dog owner, learn all about these large dog breeds bred to guard people or livestock to see if they are the right companion pet for you and your family.

Scottish Terrier Owner Needs Right Groomer

The breed’s specific cut requires a professional.

Consider a Standard Schnauzer

A prospective Schnauzer owner weighs the grooming requirements of the Standard variety.

Searching for the Right Low-Shedding Dog

Standard Poodles and Standard Schnauzers are highly intelligent, active breeds with minimal-shedding coats.


Fletch enjoys watching his human pals go berserk when he locks them out of the car. As fast as they put the key in the door, he pushes down the lock button. He is one smart Schnauzer. But then they all are.


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