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Dog Social Studies - Level 4

In the U.S., mixed-breed dogs outnumber purebred dogs as the choice for a pet. This course discusses the definition, lineage and health of mixed-breed dogs.

Reading assignment: Investigate the origin of the mixed-breed dog.

Slideshow: Browse photos of dogs and find out how to identify purebred dog traits in mixed-breed dogs.

Quiz: 10 questions to test your knowledge of mixed-breed dogs.

Susan Chaney


Instructor: Susan Chaney was an editor at DOG FANCY magazine for eight years, four of those as the editor. She's lived with a variety of dogs, both Mixed Breed and purebred. Today, a Chihuahua-Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix named Max is the apple of her eye.


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Karen - 251689   Zephyrhills, FL

11/27/2012 9:52:53 AM

I was a Doberman Pinscher show kennel owner (Thunder Chief's Dobermans) & believed there was not a more intelligent breed. Now, as a rescue dog owner, my cross/mixed breeds are "super-intelligent". I complete DNA on all rescues. At home now, are Retriever/Boxer & Staffordshire/Boston Terrier. Such love from these two to me!

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Kiley Rae   Omaha, NE

3/11/2012 9:13:05 PM

I don't seem to notice a difference among mixed &he purebreds in terms of health. My first dog, a Rottweiler adopted at age 3 , lived to be 14.5 and was mainly healthy. My mom's adopted German Shepherd mix lived to be 1514 after being adopted at age 5. These 2 dogs lived together for a decade.

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eileen   leavenworth, KS

5/5/2011 2:09:49 PM

I just recieved my dog's DNA results.I thought she was a wired hair terrier, brittany mix.Wrong. She does have some brit in her along with,german short hair pointer australian shepherd,beagle.lab and this one really is the kicker pomeranian

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