Pup-tato Skins Recipe

A potato favorite that will make tails wag! Try this simple recipe for dog-friendly potato skins.

By | Posted: August 19, 2014, 6 a.m. PST

Want to make any easy dog-treat that you and your dog can both enjoy? Try our easy recipe for Pup-tato Skins using only a couple of ingredients. Whether you are "tail"-gating, making Irish Nachos for St. Patrick's Day, celebrating Potato Day or just looking for an easy treat to try, these dog-friendly spuds are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. As with any treat,  feed in moderation, especially if it's your first time feeding a particular snack.


Find out why Potatoes Make Such a Great Treat!


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Pup-Tato Skins. Photo by Samantha Meyers


  • Fingerling or small yellow or red potatoes
    • You can also use full size russet potatoes, but you will need to cut them into smaller pieces.
    • Make sure they are an appropriate size for your dog so that they do not pose as a choking hazard.
  • Olive oil to lightly coat potatoes
  • Shredded cheese (1 tsp per potato)


Potato Skins. Photo by Samantha Meyers




  1. Lightly coat potatoes with olive oil
  2. Place potatoes on a lined sheet pan
  3. Bake at 450 until fork-tender; about 45 min depending on the size of your potatoes
  4. When potatoes are cool, cut in half lengthwise
  5. Scoop out some of the potato to create a small well in your potato
  6. Place potatoes back onto the baking sheet and sprinkle cheese into the well  you have created
  7. Bake again at 450 for 7-8 minutes or until cheese has melted


Potato Skins. Photo by Samantha Meyers


 For Humans: The potatoes are good as is, but if you like a little more salt in your snacks, salt the potatoes before baking them. You can also add a little bacon and sour cream to impress your human guests.


Potato Skins. Photo by Samantha Meyers



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Ellen - 15750   Madison, WI

7/4/2014 11:09:27 AM

These just made my dog's day!

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

1/31/2014 4:03:51 AM

Interesting treat!

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