Puppy Food and Feeding

Puppy food

Feeding Your Puppy

Choosing the right food for your puppy is an important part of your puppy's care. Learn how food appropriate for your puppy's first year. Whatever you choose to feed your puppy, the most important thing is that it be a complete and balanced diet. Good nutrition is important during that early phase.

Selecting the right food will help give your pup what he needs to grow into healthy, happy adult dog. Just like dogs and puppies have different nutritional needs, small breed and large breed puppies require different foods as well. Find information and articles on choosing puppy food and feeding your puppy.

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Breeders and Newborn Puppies

Raise the odds of puppy survival with these six tips.

Food For Thought: The Complete Guide to Your Dog's Diet

There's much more to canine nutrition than just kibble and canned food. We explore it all to give you a well-rounded perspective on your dog's dietary needs.

Teach Enthusiastic Eaters Self Control

Your dog may be eating a great deal but still may not be getting the nutrition his body demands.

From the Factory to the Bowl

What you should know about your dog’s food.

Puppy Food

Rules for feeding your puppy.


Food for Large-Breed Puppies

What kind of dog food should large-breed puppies eat?

The Benefits of Proper Puppy Nutrition

Give your new puppy the gift of future health and proper growth by following these four principles.


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