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Dog Grooming

The German Shepherd Dog

Our grooming expert explains grooming tips for the popular German Shepherd Dog.

The Hairy Hairless

Caring for a Chinese Crested dog’s coat and skin is best left to a professional.

Trimming a Miniature Pinscher’s Nails

This breed does not appreciate a pedicure.

Keeping A Great Pyrenees Dog Cool

Find out whether a summer shave is in order for this big, fluffy breed.

Popular Styles of Poodle Grooming

Get the lowdown on the grooming routine and styles common for Poodles.


Dog Sprayed by Skunk

What to do if your dog is sprayed by a skunk.

Natural Solutions to Messy Dog Mishaps

Learn natural ways to deal with four common messy dog problems.

Grooming Sedated Dogs

The positives and negatives of using tranquilizers on dogs in salons.

Norfolk Terrier Grooming Standards

Find out what the appropriate style is for this breed at American and European competitions.

Got a Great Dog Groomer?

If your dog has a great groomer, we want to know about it!


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