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Dog Grooming

De-Matting a Dog

The right technique and tools can make removing matted coat a breeze.

Grooming an Irish Wolfhound for Show

Stripping an Irish Wolfhound’s harsh coat is essential in preparing for the show ring.

Chewing Dog Has Matted Fur

A visit to a vet and a spot-shave can help a dog with skin irritation.

Cleaning a Dog’s Beard Stains

Specialized products and pet wipes can help keep a white dog free of unsightly stains.

Natural Remedies for Hairless Dog Breeds

Many safe, natural treatments for common dog skin disorders can be found in your kitchen.


Dog Coat Gunk Removal

Home remedies, professional products, and shaving can help remove adhesive or grease from a dog’s coat.

Grooming Tools for a Dog’s Wiry Coat

The correct grooming tools help get the job done right.

Papillon With Ear Problems

Your vet can help determine the cause of a dog’s itchy ears, but you can help relieve his symptoms.

Havanese With a Puppy Cut

The Havanese coat should be long and flowing in the show ring, but can be cut short on a pet.

How to Groom a Cocker Spaniel

Tips to correctly groom a Cocker Spaniel at home.


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