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Freshen Up for Your Dog's Sweet Dreams

You bathe and groom your dog regularly, but how often do you clean his pet bed or special spot on the couch?

Smart Choices to Prevent Messes

Choosing the right surface can make stain removal easier.

Cleaning 101 For Dog Owners

How to deal with common canine messes to maintain a clean and happy home.

Living With Allergies and Dogs

Take control of dog allergens.

Taming the Mane

What does it take to groom that magnificent Keeshond coat?

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10 Tips to Minimize Dog Grooming Mess

You might save money grooming your dog at home, but you still pay a price in a big mess.

Long or Short? Coat Type Makes All the Difference

When it comes to bathing, your dog's coat type will tell you what steps to take.

Equip Yourself With the Right Dog Grooming Tools

Having the right tools for the job means less time on the table, and a finer finish.

Grooming Your Dog

Don't be shy about getting to know a potential groomer.

Stress-Free Nail Trimming

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? Yes. A clean puppy!

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