Dog Skin Conditions: Ringworm

The cause, symptoms, and treatment of canine ringworm (dermatophytosis).

Generalized ringworm

Localized ringworm

Photos courtesy David A. Senter, DVM

Cause: Fungal infection, most commonly Microsporum canis, but other species of Microsporum or Trychophyton fungi also cause ringworm. Dogs acquire ringworm when they come into contact with infective fungal spores in the soil or on other animals (including cats), bedding, brushes, and other objects.

Symptoms: Ringworm can affect the skin, hair, and nails. The classic lesion is a round hairless patch circled by a rim of inflammation, but some dogs have different symptoms, including itchiness and reddened, scaly skin with bumps or pimples.

Treatment: Most dogs can recover from ringworm on their own, but treatment will keep them from spreading the disease to other animals and people. Medicated dips, shampoos, and ointments are usually effective, but oral antifungal medication such as griseofulvin or ketoconazole may be needed for resistant cases.

Disclaimer:’s Dog Skin Conditions are intended for educational purposes only. They are not meant to replace the expertise and experience of a professional veterinarian. Do not use the information presented here to make decisions about your dog’s ailment. If you notice changes in your dog’s health or behavior, please take your pet to the nearest veterinarian or an emergency pet clinic as soon as possible.


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5/19/2013 2:24:54 PM

I agree with Buddy from Tenn. The information you shared was helpful, however, I would like to know if the bumps (ringworm) have liquid in them. I am not sure what she has but it looks like roung bumpie circles with a liquid in it. I do not have the funds to take her to a vet. They are very expensive and I was robbed recently and lost all my money in my checkbook. Please is there some liquid soap or any liquid that I could use to dry up these bumps?

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

2/4/2013 5:45:31 AM

Interesting I sure hope my dog does not get Ringword. Can a dog pass ringword to humans?

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Buddy   Memphis, Tennessee

1/8/2013 11:01:15 AM

This describes exactly what Magoo has, but this article needs more info & treatments for it.

As most, if not all, vet info sites, the best info on everything they can give is:" See your vet." Damn, if I was looking on the site for information why not give your information. That's why I'm looking for answers on-line! I may not be wealthy to be able to see a vet. Shouldn't vet websites be willing to help dogs/cats in need? If they can't, they shouldn't have a

Many ailments will heal on their own without doctor/vet intervention, and I need to know what will or won't without costing me an arm & a leg by greedy doctors & vets.

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Leslie - 233329   Lakeside, AZ

12/9/2012 1:38:56 PM

Good information. thanks

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