Dog Obesity

*New* Nutrution Webinar

The third webinar in a series brought to you by Nature’s Variety, explores the silent epidemic of pet obesity.

MUTTerings with Nikki Moustaki: I’m Not Fat, Baby, I Was Born This Way

Dog expert Nikki Moustaki shares her thoughts on dog news, dog care, dog rescue and more in this weekly blog.

Chronic Disease Grows with Pets’ Waists

Chronic disease is on the rise in pets, but owners are hesitant to visit the veterinarian to treat existing conditions.

Celebrity Deals With Dogs' Obesity

Learn how a local celebrity dealt with her dogs' obesity.

New Website Helps Stop Dog Obesity

A new online body assessment rating determines if your dog is obese or has behaviors that contribute to dog obesity.


One Dog in Four is Fat

An epidemic of overweight animals threatens our nation's pets.

Danger For Begging Dogs

From french fries to antifreeze, things around the house can hurt your dog if he makes a meal out of them.

Train Your Dog with Food Treats

Teach your dog to Sit and Stay when you open the door.

Dog Arthritis Treatments

New arthritis treatments help aching dogs get back on their feet.

Healthy Dog Treats

You don't have to forego treats to keep your dog healthy and prevent obesity.


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