Dog Care

Your German Shepherd Puppy’s First Vet Visit

Find out what you and your German Shepherd Dog should expect at your dog’s first vet visit.

Canine Influenza

Our expert vet explains how to identify this highly contagious and dangerous dog health concern.

Your German Shepherd's Vet Visit

Discover 10 things your veterinarian will discuss with you at your German Shepherd’s vet appointments.

Healthy German Shepherd Puppies

Find out how to choose a healthy German Shepherd Dog and what health signs to look for.


Generic Heartworm Preventive Introduced

FidoPharm Inc. has introduced PetTrust Plus, the first generic prescription heartworm preventive to be sold in retail pharmacies.

Kennel Cough

Our expert vet explains the signs, treatments and prevention options for this common and contagious dog illness.

Breakthrough Cancer Treatment for Dogs and Humans

Texas A&M University research study makes breakthrough that just might change the fight against lymphoma cancer for canines and humans.

10 Things That Will Poison Your Dog

The veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline compiled a list of the 10 most frequently reported dog poison emergencies in 2011.

MUTTerings: Natural vs Euthanasia

An agonizing lesson in saying goodbye. The struggle by all of us as owners to "do the right thing’’ when our beloved dogs reach their final days.


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