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Should I Feed My Dog Raw Food?

Before adding raw foods to your dog’s diet, review the pros and cons.

Train Your Dog with Food Treats

Teach your dog to Sit and Stay when you open the door.

Heal Your Allergic Dog the Natural Way

Six tips to a happier, healthier, itch-free dog.


Reduce Your Dog’s Chemical Exposure

10 things you can do to reduce your dog’s exposure to harmful chemicals.

A Dog Uterine Infection

Pyometra is a real danger for older, intact bitches.

Old Bitch? Spay Her!

The chances of your older intact bitch contracting certain diseases increases as the dog gets older.

Acorns and Dogs Don’t Mix

Keep puppies and dogs from eating acorns or drinking water with oak leaves in it.

7 Essential Tips for Living With a Diabetic Dog

How to successfully manage your dog’s diabetes in your everyday life.


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