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Articles related to your dog's health and well-being.

Protect Dogs From Summer Heat

Rising temperatures mean greater risks for your dog.

Practice Sun Safety for Your Dog

Know the dangers of warm weather and learn how to tell when your dog has had enough.

To Prevent and Protect

One size does not fit all when it comes to canine vaccination.

10 Plants That Can Poison Dogs

Keep your dog or puppy away from these plants.

Turn Back the Clock For Your Dog

You can keep your old dog young with these 10 tips.


Why Heartworm Prevention?

All dogs that live in areas with mosquitoes need heartworm testing and prevention.

Incessant Hand Licking

Hand licking can be annoying, but it's harmless.

Upset Stomach Remedy for Dogs

Preventive care for dogs to relieve ailing stomachs.

Dog Is Chewing and Swallowing Toys

Chewed up playthings can turn into emergency vet visits for your dog.

Which Puppy Dewormers?

Treat your puppy for parasites monthly for the first year.


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