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Stopping Heartworm Disease in Dogs

A veterinarian offers advice on preventing deadly heartworms in your dog.

Heatstroke 101

Leslie Sinclair, DVM explains why dogs are so susceptible to heatstroke and how you can treat the deadly condition.

Motion Sickness in Dogs

Leslie Sinclair, DVM explains how to identify and cure your dog's motion sickness.

Advice About Tapeworms in Dogs

Find out what Leslie Sinclair, DVM recommends for battling tapeworms in your dog.

Ask the Vet About Dogs

A comprehnsive guide to caring for your dog.


Ask the Vet About Dogs: General Health

A vet offers important information on everyday medical issues that confront dog owners.

Signs of Heatstroke in Your Dog

During warm weather it's important to keep your dog cool to prevent heatstroke.

Tips for Helping Your Dog Avoid Cancer

Experts say 75 percent of dogs with breast lumps can live cancer-free with early detection. Here are tips for keeping your dog healthy:

What Is Hip Dysplasia?

Learn about this crippling joint disease and holistic approaches to helping your pet live a more comfortable life.

All Heartworm Is Local

An expert answers your questions about heartworm prevention.


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