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Doggy Directory: Health and Nutrition

Use the Doggy Directory to find more information about dog health or nutrition.

Beware! Plants Poisonous to Dogs

Know the plants and foods that are dangerous to your dog.

Be Alert for Glaucoma in Dogs

Glaucoma is a leading cause of dog blindness. Know the signs and symptoms that might help save your dog's vision.

Dog Tooth Care: Infographic

Does your dog have bad breath? This coud be a sign of dental disease. Brush up on dog dental care!

Dog Dental Care

Brushing your dog's teeth is an important part of your dog's health care routine.


Sterilization Can Put Golden Retrievers at Risk, Study Finds

Hip dysplasia occurred twice as often in male Golden Retrievers neutered before age 1, University of California, Davis, researchers report.

Dog Bloat Research Initiative

The American Kennel Club’s Canine Health Foundation seeks applications for $250,000 grants to promote research into fatal bloat condition.

Millions of Pets Skip Wellness Checks

A small but alarming percentage of cats and dogs never see a veterinarian, and about three times as many get medical care only when sick, reports AVMA.

Pumpkin and Dogs

Discover why you can feed pumpkin to your dogs for constipation, diarrhea and to help with weight loss.

Dogs with Diabetes

Though there is no cure for diabetes, you can manage your dog’s diabetes with medication and special treatment.


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