Dog Care

AAHA Mandates Anesthesia During Dog Dental Work

AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitals must anesthetize and intubate all dental patients under a new standard of care that challenges the practice of anesthesia-free cleanings seen increasingly in the industry.

Jean Dodds Trailblazer for Veterinary Care

Unafraid of challenging accepted norms, W. Jean Dodds reshapes thinking about vaccinations, nutrition and immune disorders.

Are You Over Vaccinating Your Dog?

An ambitious study might prove rabies vaccinations can be given far less frequently, reducing adverse reactions.

Holistic and Alternative Veterinary Medicine Resources

Looking for a veterinarian who supports your natural and holistic methods of dog health care? Find a holistic veterinarian near you.

Are Cicadas Harmful to My Dog?

Many dog owners may be wondering if it is safe for their pet to snack on cicadas, since billions of periodical cicadas are emerging from the ground across the East Coast.


Flea Fighting Solutions

Which flea preventive for my dog? Use this infographic to help determine what preventive or treatment will work best for you and your furry friend.

Spring Is Here- Have No Fear!

Spring brings the Easter bunny, April showers and May flowers, and also doggy dangers. Must have tips for a safe and healthy season.

Doggy Directory: Health and Nutrition

Use the Doggy Directory to find more information about dog health or nutrition.

Beware! Plants Poisonous to Dogs

Know the plants and foods that are dangerous to your dog.

Be Alert for Glaucoma in Dogs

Glaucoma is a leading cause of dog blindness. Know the signs and symptoms that might help save your dog's vision.


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