Senior Dogs

Give Your Senior Dog a Boost

Ramps make life easier for senior dogs.

Cutting-Edge Care for Older Dogs

Advances in treatment of 15 geriatric diseases for dogs parallel those for humans.

Keep Your Senior Dog in Good Health

Understanding common medical issues makes life easier for you and your senior dog.

Senior Dog Health Warning Signs

7 signs that could mean trouble in your senior dog’s health.

Snap Out of the Senior Slump: Your Senior Dog's Health

Help your dog age gracefully and live life to its fullest.


Grooming Tips for Senior Dogs

Scheduling several short appointments will lessen the strain on your dog’s health.

Early Signs of Cancer?

Cancer can be a silent killer for dogs.

Dog Urinating Everywhere

Older dogs sometimes develop incontinence problems. Phenylpromanolamine can help.

Teeth Cleaning for Older Dogs

Make sure your veterinarian takes the proper care in anesthesizing an older dog.

Senior Dog Barking at Night

Aging sometimes brings about personality changes in dogs.


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