Senior Dogs

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Dog Gifts that Say 'Welcome!'

Make your new senior dog feel welcome.

Soothing Arthritis Solutions

Help your dog cope with arthritis and live more comfortably.

Alzheimer’s Disease in Dogs

Leslie Sinclair, DVM, explains how Alzheimer’s Disease can affect your senior dog.

Dog Has Cloudy Eyes

Ask the Vet's Leslie Sinclair, DVM tells you how to recognize and treat cataracts in your dog.

Ask the Vet About Senior Dogs

A guide to understanding the issues that affect senior dogs.


Is It Cataracts?

Find out what's behind those cloudy eyes.

Breaking the Silence

Owners speak out about their special bond with deaf dogs.

Note from the Dog Vet

Work with your veterinarian to increase your senior dog's health and comfort.

Avoid Over-Exercising Heart Patients

How to exercise and care for a dog with an enlarged heart.

Natural Remedies for the Aging Dog

Help your dog enjoy his senior years with these holistic tips and treatments.


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