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Dog World 1916 From the Archives of Dog World: Enjoy this all-access pass to dog history from the pages of the most revered dog magazines.


"The DOG WORLD, an illustrated monthly journal devoted to the interest of the Dog, Dog Breeders and Dog Fanciers, will make its first appearance in January 1916. It will be an accurate recorder and interpreter of all the events that make Dog history, treating the news of the day in an authoritative manner and presenting articles pertinent to canine subjects. We appreciate the fact that to be successful in this venture, we must have the co-operation of all those interested in Dogs.”

Planned Breeding: Planned Breeding by Lloyd C. Brackett is a series of articles about purebred dog breeding that was originally published in Dog World magazine between July 1960 and May 1961. Read the articles>> 

About Backyard Dog Breeders

Even dog experts from 1930 felt strongly that dog breeding is best left to professional and responsible dog breeders.

Artificial Dog Mating

Discover dog expert’s thoughts on artificial dog mating back in 1930.

Winter Dog Care in 1930

Experts gave dog owners these winter dog care tips in 1930 to protect dogs from cold weather.

The German Shepherd Dog Breed in 1927 America

Discover how the German Shepherd Dog was viewed when the breed was 60 years old compared to how this beloved breed is viewed today.

Boston Terrier Coat Grooming Advice from 1927

Discover grooming tips from the 1927 dog grooming experts of the day and compare how different they are to modern dog grooming advice.


German Shepherd Gains Popularity

The DogWorld editors discuss the misconceptions of the German Shepherd dog breed.

Why the Doberman Pinscher is Popular

Check out this old DogWorld article praising the Doberman Pinscher and explaining this dog breed's jump in popularity in 1928.

Longhaired Dogs in Summer

This 1927 DogWorld article claims that longhaired dogs do better in the summer heat than shorthaired dogs.

All About the Chihuahua

The 1927 DogWorld editors share their affection for the Chihuahua, the only American dog breed at the time.

All About the Saint Bernard

Check out this 1927 DogWorld article singing the praises of the Saint Bernard.


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