Cocker Spaniel Colors

AKC’s breed standard allows black Cockers with a bit of white on the chest or throat.


Q. Is it possible to show a Cocker Spaniel that is black with a white muzzle, stripe between eyes, on chest, and front toes?

A. The American Kennel Club breed standard allows black Cockers to have a small amount of white on the chest and/or throat. White in any other location is a disqualification.

Parti-color Cockers are defined as dogs of two or more solid, well-broken colors, one of which must be white. “Primary color which is ninety percent (90%) or more shall disqualify,” per the AKC breed standard.

Therefore, your Cocker would be ineligible to compete in the conformation ring as either a black or a parti-color.


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Millie   Fort Worth, TX

5/27/2012 11:17:30 AM


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Natalie   sreasdghrdfh, MD

8/2/2009 2:49:29 PM

I'm sure you could show the dog in other kennel club shows though; like the UKC, ACA, or APR.

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