Genetic Health Issues in Dobermans

Conflicting advice about health issues in red Dobermans leaves a prospective owner confused.


Q. I want to adopt a Doberman. I already have a Greyhound. There is some concern over the genetic issues of Dobermans that might occur in colors other than the standard black and rust. I have been given opposing kinds of advice and don't know what to do. Does there exist any genetic weakness in the red and rust Dobermans that could result in health issues? I am told from friends anything from thyroid to skin problems.

A. I am not aware of any genetic health issues affecting the red Doberman per se, but clearly you want to deal with a knowledgeable, reputable breeder who screens breeding stock for all relevant genetic afflictions. To learn more about health issues in the breed and make yourself a better informed owner, contact the Doberman Pinscher Public Education Committee,


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Susan L Bachman   Ocean Shores, WA

7/21/2009 2:16:40 PM

I have a three year old Red Dobie (Duke) The Dr diagnosed Duke with skin mites at a very early age effecting his coat..Coat is good now but his feet have blisters inside and the pads are swollen..I have talked to four different dr and have gotten different answers..We were told that Red Dobies have a very poor imune system and this is genetic

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janet   bethlehem, PA

1/2/2009 8:52:43 AM

good article thanks

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