Dog Breed Expert Advice - Allan Reznik

Considering a Toy Fox Terrier

A prospective Toy Fox Terrier owner considers the breed’s energy level and size.

Two Dogs May Not Be Twice the Fun

Taking home two puppies at once could make them bond with each other instead of their owner.

Can You Identify an Aussie?

Owner wonders whether her dog is a red merle Australian Shepherd.

Bulldog’s Companion

A family searches for a buddy for their 8-year-old English Bulldog.

Smooth Stray Dog

A rescue dog resembles an Airedale Terrier, but may be other breeds as well.


A Dog for Active, Retired Couple

A Boxer may be a good fit for a couple with a large backyard and an active lifestyle.

Telling Cocker Spaniels Apart

American and English Cocker Spaniels are different in size, head, coat, and coloring.

Considering a Dachshund

The sassy and sturdy Dachshund comes in a variety of coat types and sizes.

Why No Westies?

It should be easy to spot a West Highland White Terrier excelling in competition.

A German Shepherd Dog’s Companion

When looking for a buddy for a larger dog, consider a breed that can handle rough play.


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