Ask the Groomer with Kathy Salzberg, NCMG

Grooming a Shorthaired Chihuahua

This wash-and-wear dog breed needs regular nail trimming and brushing to look its best.

Grooming a Border Collie

This double-coated dog breed requires regular bathing, brushing and trimming.

A Golden Retriever’s Shedding

All Golden Retrievers shed, but there are things owners can do to limit the amount of hair that gets everywhere.

A Pug’s Grooming Needs

What to expect when your decide to bring a Pug into your home.

Dog Snaps at Brushing

A Border Collie’s biting keeps her owner from brushing her long coat.


Smells Like Shih Tzu

Terrible body odor isn’t normal for these little lapdogs.

Dematting a Pomeranian’s Coat

A Pomeranian with severe mats should be taken to a groomer to properly remove them.

Dealing With a Dog Who Sheds Everywhere

Pugs shed profusely, but owners can take steps to limit the mess.

Dog’s Ingrown Toenail

A groomer’s carelessness can be dangerous for a dog.

Grooming a Havanese Coat

Frequent grooming makes home upkeep easier for this spunky breed.


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