Ask the Groomer with Kathy Salzberg, NCMG

Popular Styles of Poodle Grooming

Get the lowdown on the grooming routine and styles common for Poodles.

Communicating Your Doggie’s Hairdo Accurately

Being specific about the grooming style you want for your pooch is imperative.

Grooming Sedated Dogs

The positives and negatives of using tranquilizers on dogs in salons.

A Matter of Mats

How to deal with tangled clumps of fur in longhaired breeds.

"Doodle” Do’s and Don’ts

Advice on mixed-breed hair maintenance.


Norfolk Terrier Grooming Standards

Find out what the appropriate style is for this breed at American and European competitions.

Itchy Dog After Grooming

Get insight on what a dog’s constant scratching and rubbing after being groomed may indicate.

The Angle on Tangles

Professional tips and products for dealing with matted dog hair.

Play It By Ear

Learn tips on ear cleaning for Basset Hounds.

Hard as Nails

Training a reluctant dog to become accustomed to regular nail trimming.


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