Activities for Dogs to do Alone

Find out how to keep your dog entertained when you don't have the time.


Q: What activities can dogs do by themselves? While I work at home, my two dogs (lab and chow mix) lie around all day and look depressed. I can only take them out at night - any suggestions for ways to keep them busy?

A: Food puzzle toys are often a big hit with bored dogs. There are quite a few different designs of these puzzles on the market now.  All are intended to give the dog mental stimulation and a bit of physical exercise, while they work to get the food out of the toy.

With two dogs, you’ll need to provide at least two toys for each. If either or both dogs tend to be possessive about food or toys, they’ll need to be safely separated while they work at their puzzles.

To prevent overfeeding, use some of your dogs’ dinner to stuff the puzzle toys. Rubber puzzle toys can be frozen with food inside, making the game more even challenging and long-lasting.



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MAC   Brownstown twp, Michigan

3/15/2015 7:03:49 AM

Julie, I'm not an expert, but, the kong just maybe to big for your size dog. I know when I gave my girls to big of a bone when they were younger, they looked perplexed and did not try to chew them. Just a suggestion. MAC

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Leslie - 233329   Lakeside, AZ

7/24/2013 9:32:02 PM

Good information. thanks

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

7/5/2013 3:32:11 AM

Interesting article!

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Rangerup   Evansville, IN

5/7/2012 9:03:27 AM


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