Ask the Trainer with September Morn

Activities for Dogs to do Alone

Find out how to keep your dog entertained when you don't have the time.

Dog Hand-Me-Downs

Find out which used items are appropriate to pass along to your new puppy.

Crate Training Time

How many hours of crate training are appropriate for a puppy?

Getting Ready for a New Puppy

How much sanitizing of former dogs' items is necessary?

Crate Training a New Puppy

Learn the best way to use a crate when training a new puppy.


My Boxer Mix Guards His Food

It's possible to train an adult dog not to be food aggressive, but it takes work.

A Dog’s Submissive Peeing

The calmer the greeting, the less likely a dog will pee when someone meets him.

New Puppy Bites Too Much

Young puppies have a lot of energy they need to get out. Satisfy these urges to stop the behavior.

Shih Tzu Buries Bone in Sofa

The breed’s ancient instincts are responsible for this behavior.

Pit Bull Can’t Balance on Hind Legs

Help your dog find his balance with these tips.


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