Ask the Trainer with September Morn

Dog Tries to Escape

Keep your dog busy, and he won’t try to run off.

Dog Gets into Mischief Alone

Training can’t happen while your dog is alone, but here are some ways to prevent her naughty, self-taught tricks.

Dog Howls Along With Piano

There are several things you can do to control a dog who likes to sing.

The Dog Who Eats Rocks

Until a dog no longer wants to eat rocks, she must be prevented from doing it.

Stop My Dog’s Late-Night Needs

Once a dog passes puppyhood, he should be able to hold it all night.


Encountering a Dog While Jogging

Several strategies can help you successfully greet a strange, unleashed dog while running.

Housetrained Shih Tzu Has Accidents

A pottytrained dog who begins having accidents could have a urinary infection.

Stop That Barking Dog

Get to the bottom of what causes a dog’s barking to successfully manage it.

Training the Overly Playful Dog

Teach your excited, overly playful dog that your other dog doesn’t always want to play with her.

Stop Dog From Pulling Leash

Teach your dog that pulling on the leash doesn’t help quicken your pace.


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