Ask the Trainer with September Morn

Dog Doesn't Greet Guests Calmly

A planned "training party” can help you teach your dog to greet guests calmly.

Houstraining a Puppy

Consistently monitoring your puppy's potty habits will ensure success in housetraining her.

Becoming Your Dog’s Pack Leader

Teaching her to mind her manners is key.

Don’t have time to housetrain a new puppy?

Try adopting an already-trained, adult dog instead.

Controlling an Active Vizsla

Stimulate her mind and body with stimulating activities and exercise.


Housetrained Dog Urinates in the House

Retrain your dog to go outside when he needs to pee.

Dog is Frightened by Thunderstorms

Desensitization with thunderstorm CDs/DVDs helps dog overcome fear of thunderstorms.

Puppy Nips and Jumps on People

Keep puppy entertained with toys and games to prevent her from nipping and jumping on people.

Golden Retriever Holds Leash While Walking

Redirect his attention with a tempting toy so he won't hold the leash while walking.

Dogs Jump to Say Hello

Training is the keep to stop dogs from jumping to say "Hello."


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