Dog's Teeth Are Falling Out

Once a dog's teeth become loose, a dentistry procedure is the best option.

By | Posted: Thu Mar 31 00:00:00 PST 2005

Q. I have a 4- or 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who was mistreated as a puppy by the original owner. He has recently lost two of his top front teeth, three at the bottom are loose and his breath is very bad. He has taken to just sitting for long periods licking his fur, mostly on his feet. He is still eating his regular dog food, mostly dry dog food, although I mix it with moist food for the evening meal, but he also seems to have an upset stomach most of the time. I am concerned that he is losing his teeth due to either health issues or due to age. He did jump over a dog playpen onto a tile floor when he was at the dog groomer. I noticed the teeth issue three days later. Do you have any ideas for me? I am currently unable to afford a large vet bill, but I am concerned because I love him very much.

Dr. Jon GellerA. It sounds like your Yorkie has advanced dental disease. If you smell bad breath, he most likely has a gum infection.

Once teeth become loose, there are few options except scheduling a dentistry procedure for your dog. It will involve general anesthesia, and will be fairly expensive, but the results may amaze you.

Your veterinarian will most likely extract the loose teeth, and thoroughly clean the others by scraping them below the gumline (root planing) and polishing them. Your vet may want to implant some delayed-release antibiotic medication if the gums are infected.

Can you imagine having a toothache from three or four rotten, infected teeth, and all of a sudden waking up and the pain is gone? This is what it will be like for your little dog. Your veterinarian will put him on antibiotics and a pain medication after the procedure, and you should notice an increase in appetite, energy and attitude.

Although you are trying to avoid a major expense, this is one that will be worth it, because your dog will feel much better. Once the procedure is over, your veterinarian can talk about strategies to prevent future dental disease.

Best of all, the doggie breath will be gone.

Jon Geller, DVM

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Lynn   Hawthorne, New York

9/1/2016 3:37:07 AM

My friends, I know exactly what you are going through. I adopted a dog 2.5 years ago from a sick owner who NEVER gave me the papers to the dog so I cannot even call the breeder. Since then My Mom had surgery, and after that My Dad was in the hospital for 15 months in critical condition and then my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 C. AND now my small dog has missing teeth! I did brush them, only fed her dry food ...but did not help. I am devastated! Also the Vet community makes it soooooo expensive to do teeth cleanings that it is hard for pet owners to afford. In my area 500 dollars!

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Toni Woodall   Macon, Georgia

1/15/2016 7:25:04 AM

wish someone would tell me what to do 11 yr old Pom losing all teeth has gum disease and I have no money he is my life nobody really cares GOD help me I am going to have to put him to sleep.

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linda   Gahanna, Ohio

6/24/2015 9:32:28 PM

My show quality Yorkie just had 24 teeth pulled June 23rd,2015. Vet said it was genetic, yet parents have all teeth and breeder shows at Westminster and of course all around the country. She was bred for show, tail docked 2" instead of 1" and dew claws intact. After speaking w/everyone (vets, groomers, managers of animal hospitals) we all concluded that a new salon manager had taken a dog nail grinder to loosen her teeth after a newbie groomer butchered her long and beautiful hair.(my complaint = no teeth anymore) What a shame and the manager will be judged on day.

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jack   plano, Texas

6/4/2015 9:20:10 AM

my 11 year old shepard/chow mix has lost her lower front teeth and the gum is tannish, brown were the front teeth are missing. It looks like hear is matted on it but it
I broke my hip 9 weeks ago and just now noticed this on her first
My finances are depleted. What can I do? She is a really good dog and I don't want to loose her.

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