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Jon Geller, DVM

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Jon Geller, DVM is here to answer your questions about canine health and responsible dog ownership. His professional veterinary advice could prove invaluable when caring for your pet.


Jon Geller, DVM, received his doctorate of veterinary medicine from Colorado State University in 1995. After that, he operated a mobile house call practice for three years in northern Colorado, where he cared for pets ranging from hamsters to horses.

He began working as an emergency veterinarian in Denver and opened an emergency clinic in Longmont, Colo., in 1999. Since then he has opened three other emergency clinics, which he helps manage, and where he also works as an emergency vet.

Dr. Geller has written for numerous publications, including DOG FANCY and CAT FANCY, and was the regular vet columnist for Mother Earth News for two years.

He lives with his family in Fort Collins where he also has a black mixed- breed, Rain Dog. Dr. Geller adopted her when she was surrendered to one of his emergency clinics. Her name is a result of her love of rain and water and a certain idiot savant approach to life (as in the movie Rain Man).

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