Dog Goes Deaf After Ear Infection

A dog's complicated ear problem will require a specialist.


Q. I have a 5-year-old mixed-breed dog who has had severe ear infections since birth. Each time he has had an ear flush and medication. He recently had a left ear infection with the same treatment. He awoke from the anesthesia just fine and actually better than ever before. Six hours later, he was severely ill, and I thought I would lose him. Now, he cannot hear out of either ear. Was it the sedation? We can’t tell if his eardrums are ruptured because my vet doesn't want to take the chance of another sedation. My vet is at a loss as to why he can’t hear anything from either ear. He's on antibiotics and seems to have pain in both ears. I’m at my wit’s end as to what to do next.

A. This sounds like a nightmare case. Your dog is suddenly deaf in both ears after being treated for an ear infection.
It's very possible that your dog’s eardrums were both already ruptured from the infections, and when medication was put in the ear it went down into the inner ear, where it can be toxic. Very few medications are safe to put into a dog’s ear if the eardrums are ruptured.
It can be difficult to determine if the eardrum is intact if the ear canals are very inflamed and narrowed. At this point, I would recommend asking about a referral to a specialist — inner ear disease can be very challenging to treat. Over time, the eardrum should grow back, but there may be some damage to the delicate mechanisms of the inner ear.
Hopefully your dog will regain full function of his ears. Some dogs have such severe problems with recurring ear infections that they require radical surgery to remove the entire ear canal. This may ultimately be the best solution for your dog since he's already deaf.
You may want to ask your veterinarian about prescribing a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug to help control pain and swelling in your dog’s ear.
Good luck with this difficult problem.

Jon Geller, DVM


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Carol   No.Haledon, New Jersey

5/18/2016 5:17:46 AM

I just took my dog to the vet 3 weeks ago for his nails to be clipped while we were there his said he had a mild yeast infection in his ear gave me Posatex to put in his ears 4 days later he was deaf called the company Merck they were very passive said some dogs get their hearing back after 3 months ( I hope this is true but I have my doubts ) reading up on this medication it can be toxic to the ears. Why they would even perscibe this is beyond me. Make sure you read about ALL medications before use. I don't know what we are planning to do but something will be done if he doesn't get his hearing back

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Pam   Houston, Texas

11/18/2014 8:13:48 PM

My maltese seemed perfectly healthy until we noticed his ears seemed infected. It turned out to be a yeast type of infection. After treating with antibiotic for 5 days, his hearing was dramatically diminished and he is almost deaf. After reading these comments, I'm convinced that is what happened to him. I stopped giving him vaccines many years ago. Thank goodness I have never had to board him.

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Martha   dallas, Texas

7/29/2013 9:31:05 PM

My vet treated my dog with a steroid in her ear for recurring yeast infections. Shortly after, lost all her hearing she's only 9. My 10 year old dog is deaf too and has had treatments for ear infections. I wish I had done some research before just becoming at the mercy of the vet. Next dogs I have will go to a holistic vet. I have read that vinegar and natural products can clear yeast infections. I hate that my babies are deaf. So sad.

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Marsha   Poplarville, Mississippi

7/15/2013 1:08:36 PM

took my dog to vet for shots. He said ears were infected. He sedated her, put in a hot wax with steroid/antibiotics. Told me she would be hard of hearing first week until the wax drains out. bring her back for a f/u visit 2 weeks. Returned, said still some redness. wax again. So after 4 bouts of hot wax, involving 3 sedations, I took her back today as she is not hearing well at all. Asked vet if there could still be some wax in there.? She didn't get her hearing back since last visit/wax 3 weeks
He is going to check her further today, no more hot wax. Said he hoped her ear condition didn't cause damage to the structure of the ear. How do I say she was hearing awesome until the wax treatments began? She never had one infection in her previous 7 years of age.

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