Febreze Safe for Dogs When Used Correctly

Contrary to rumors circulating, the fabric refresher is not toxic to dogs.


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Q. Someone who works in the pet-care industry told me that using Febreze in your house to freshen couches, carpets, and dog beds can harm your dog. Is this true? I’m not using it a lot, but I want to be sure I’m not putting my dog at risk by trying to keep my house fresh.

A. There are many myths floating around, and the one regarding Febreze has caused a lot of angst among dog owners. You will be happy to know that when used as directed, Febreze is completely safe, and will allow you to neutralize the doggie smell that can plague furniture. I use Febreze liberally on the couch where my dog Raindog spends most of her time lounging.
Just as with other household products, there’s always the remote possibility of an allergic reaction, but most likely this would involve some mild facial swelling or eye redness.

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Brett   tampa, Florida

11/28/2013 8:24:28 AM

After spraying Febreze air effects my 3year old chihuahua just had upper respiratory and was very lethargicand is better now after fresh air unbelievable don't believe the warning labels on the back of the can that it's safe for dogs and cats because I do not believe this don't play with your dog's life when using this product

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Jacki   Palm coast, Florida

10/31/2013 8:18:35 PM

Im so sick of how every site says Febreze is safe, our Chihuahua mix had a seizure for the first time in her 5 yrs of life after laying on a rug my daughter had just sprayed with febreze...I don't think its a coincidence at all. The bill today was over $200 that was an expensive can of deodorizer and who knows if our dog will be ok

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nancy   Horton, Kansas

6/21/2013 3:53:47 AM

Our male Australian Shepherd had an extreme episode of respiratory distress after running a 4-H agility course where febreeze had been used to clean urine out of the tunnel. It was in the summer, inside an open air arena, but fairly hot aNd humid.

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Laird Ehlert   Jersey City, New Jersey

5/15/2013 2:35:47 PM

Febreze makes me so sick that I cannot go to work for days. It makes me very depressed. I nearly lost my job the last time my landlord used it in the hallways. It should be taken off the market!

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