Ask the Vet with Jon Geller, DVM

Dark Vomit Means Trouble for Dogs

Ulcers often cause dogs’ vomit to be dark brown.

Ultrasound Is Next Step for Skinny Pug

A dog who loses 25 percent of his body weight without dieting is sick.

Dog With Seizures Needs Medication

Start with a thorough veterinary exam for seizing dog.

Medications on Target for Dog’s Congestive Heart Failure

Occasional blood test can check on kidney function.

Give Dog a Few Weeks to Pass Sock

Dogs can often eat small pieces of fabric without serious harm.


Years of Cushing’s Take Toll on Dachshund

Time is drawing near to relieve 12-year-old dog of his suffering.

All Dogs and Puppies Need Deworming

Regular treatment for worms is part of responsible dog and puppy care.

‘Old Age’ Is Not a Diagnosis for Bloated Dog

Dog with swollen abdomen most likely has Cushing’s disease.

Acorns and Dogs Don’t Mix

To some dogs, acorns may look like a delicious snack, but they can be dangerous to your pup!

Dog’s Gagging Is Most Likely Kennel Cough

A history of kennel cough points to a reoccurrence.


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