Ask the Vet with Jon Geller, DVM

Dark Vomit Means Trouble for Dogs

Ulcers often cause dogs’ vomit to be dark brown.

Ultrasound Is Next Step for Skinny Pug

A dog who loses 25 percent of his body weight without dieting is sick.

Dog With Seizures Needs Medication

Start with a thorough veterinary exam for seizing dog.

Medications on Target for Dog’s Congestive Heart Failure

Occasional blood test can check on kidney function.

Give Dog a Few Weeks to Pass Sock

Dogs can often eat small pieces of fabric without serious harm.


Years of Cushing’s Take Toll on Dachshund

Time is drawing near to relieve 12-year-old dog of his suffering.

All Dogs and Puppies Need Deworming

Regular treatment for worms is part of responsible dog and puppy care.

‘Old Age’ Is Not a Diagnosis for Bloated Dog

Dog with swollen abdomen most likely has Cushing’s disease.

Acorns and Dogs Don’t Mix

Keep puppies and dogs from eating acorns or drinking water with oak leaves in it.

Dog’s Gagging Is Most Likely Kennel Cough

A history of kennel cough points to a reoccurrence.


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